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The Emotional Benefits of Being Tidy

You’ve probably heard about the wildly popular Netflix Series, ‘Tidying up’ with Marie Kondo. She’s a well known professional organizer and has a lot of great thoughts on the connection we make with our “stuff”. Her entire decluttering concept is based on the fact that we should only keep items in our life that bring us joy. The concept is simple. But, decluttering your mind can also help you gain clarity and calmness.

Start by thinking about what brings you joy.

It’s likely that lots of things bring you joy in life. From your favorite coffee mug to the morning walk with your dog, the little joys in life are part of a much bigger picture. Though it might be easy to identify your joys, clutter can interfere with our clarity and create emotional baggage. Sometimes, external factors can interfere with your joy in life. Therefore, the problem is not in finding things that bring you joy, but in de-cluttering your life so unhealthy distractions don’t get in the way. Decluttering mentally is a little deeper than just getting rid of clothes you don’t wear anymore.

It’s about reevaluating your thinking patterns and problem solving methods. It’s about relationships you’ve outgrown or ones that no longer serve you. Sometimes, you can’t fully appreciate the joys in life because of mental clutter. Make 2019 a year of joy...of peace...of personal fulfillment. Our team can help you identify the joys in your life as well as the challenges that stand in the way. Let’s work together on your journey to inner peace and clarity.

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