A 6-Week program designed to help women successfully navigate the process of aging through the middle stages of life.















Mid-life is a challenging period of time for many women but it doesn't always have to end in a 'crisis.' 

Many middle-aged professional women are dissatisfied, overwhelmed and unhappy about the state of their lives. So, how can you tell if what you're feeling (or not feeling) is normal? 

Join us on a 6-week journey designed to help women overcome the challenges associated with middle age and move from surviving to thriving! Our program will focus on 3 major pillars of dissatisfaction and struggles many middle-aged women face:


  • The belief that one cannot possibly make changes to their lives once they reach middle age.

  • The fear associated with changing the state of their lives.

  • The experience of symptoms that have been causing life distress due to personal unhappiness.


Let's work together to overcome the challenges of middle age by engaging in a variety of activities such as journaling, group discussion, skill acquisition, practice, creative exploration, homework, exercise, play, and more! Call to register for more information. Exact dates, times, and fees to be announced.


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