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Dr. Angela Hargrow

I believe in the principles of living authentically, with congruence in our lives and in a state of peace."


Angela M. Hargrow is a Licensed Psychologist and the owner and founder of Inner Peace Counseling Services. She is a native of Arlington, Virginia. She attended Howard University and earned a bachelors degree in psychology with a social work minor. She graduated from The Ohio State University with her masters and doctorate in counseling psychology. She also holds a M.S.W. from The University of Michigan. She has lived and worked in the Charlotte Community for over 15 years. In the past, she has been a member of the Association of Black Psychologists,  the American Psychological Association, the National Career Development Association, and the American Counseling Association. She has been in private practice in Charlotte, NC for  over 17 years.

Dr. Hargrow is a generalist psychologist who has experience working with a variety of issues including but not limited to chronic illness, chronic pain, anger, depression, anxiety, divorce, parenting, stress, career development, racism, and adjustment issues. Her specialty areas are working with parents whose children or adolescents have mental disorders and/or behavioral problems as well as professional women. As an African American therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina, healing the wounds of racism, sexism, and stress is an important part of her counseling mission. She believes in the principles of living authentically, with congruence in our lives and in a state of peace. With that in mind, she works from a holistic perspective to help clients and their families live healthy and productive lives.

Tasha Ganthier, LCSW

Balance comes from accepting the life we have with its challenges; while overcoming those challenges and creating the life that we need"


Tasha Ganthier is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a psychotherapy focused clinical degree from New York University. Since 1998 she has developed extensive experience working with children, families, adults and couples. This has led to proficiency in the areas of women’s health, parenting, lifespan development challenges, trauma focused therapy, and couples/marital therapy. Tasha’s
specialty areas include, trauma focused therapy, marital/couples counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and helping individuals become more self-aware by unraveling lifespan developmental challenges. As an African American female therapist in Charlotte, North Carolina, Tasha has a passion for helping people develop holistically and organically on their journey toward self-actualization. She believes that “balance comes from accepting the life we have with its challenges; while overcoming those challenges and creating the life that we need.”

Sherri Murchison-Green, LCSW

I strongly believe in fostering the strength, resiliency, and potential of each client"


Sherri is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with an M.S.W. from the Boston College School of Social Work as well as a B.A. in Psychology and Early Childhood Development from Loyola College. She is licensed to practice in both New York and North Carolina. She has a long history of managing cases and serving children, adults, and families, As an African American female therapist in Charlotte North Carolina, Sherri specializes in conducting psychosocial assessments; facilitating goal setting; and diagnosing and treating multiple forms of anxiety, mood disturbances, learning disabilities, and behavioral disorders.

Known as an empathetic, collaborative, and dedicated advocate for families and communities, Sherri strongly believes in fostering the strength, resiliency, and potential of each client. Applying her deep knowledge of solutions-based, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral modification techniques, Sherri taps into her unique ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds with wide-ranging needs to help them gain stability, achieve self-sufficiency, and remove barriers to wellness and success.

Roslyn Walker, LPA

I gave up believing in perfection; now I believe in wholeness"


Roslyn Walker is a Licensed Psychological Associate (LPA). Since obtaining her master’s degree in psychology from East Carolina University, she has spent the past 26 years working in diverse, clinical, academic and business environments, including community mental health, public school programs, the NC state prison system, and private practice.


Roslyn has vast experience assisting people who are experiencing issues related to depression, trauma, anxiety, stress, and anger. Her special interests include helping adults manage symptoms of trauma so they can have fulfilling lives, assisting people as they move through unexpected transitions and crisis, helping women navigate the challenges of aging and helping those who have experienced social injustices. Roslyn’s therapeutic approach is trauma-informed and integrative. She infuses experiential and creative interventions into her therapeutic healing process.


In addition, Roslyn is a registered yoga teacher and may use yoga interventions (seated and on the mat) to aide resilience and healing. No matter the setting, Roslyn brings authenticity to the therapeutic alliance and believes that at their core, people want to feel seen, heard and if they have a purpose.  

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