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3 Everyday Habits That Pave The Way To A Positive Day

Our minds are a powerful tool! They continue to learn and grow even as we age.

With an estimated 70,000 thoughts per day, there are a lot of chances to either build

yourself up or tear yourself down.

In the chaos of modern-day society, it’s easy to let anxiety and and stress take

control. The good news is that if you want to change your mindset, you can change your

life! Start with these positivity-boosting tips that can help boost your mood.

1. Ease Into Your Day

Don’t start your day off with unnecessary stress and anxiety by continually hitting

snooze. Instead, try easing into your day. Set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier and be

still. Practice mindfulness or meditate. Create a reasonable list of “to-dos” for the day to

spark energy and motivation. The good news is you can do all of these things from the

comfort of your own bed!

2. Practice Gratitude

Each morning when you wake, think about 3 things for which you are grateful.

The mere fact that you woke up to start another day is a good place to start. Often

times, we got lost in the wants of life instead of needs. Nothing is ever guaranteed, so

be thankful for the moment at hand and enjoy it!

3. Don’t Touch Your Phone

This is a big one! Don’t start the 15 minutes of the day with screen time. Let your

mind ease into the day and be present with your thoughts. This means no work emails!

Try making a goal to disconnect if even for a few hours a day. Setting boundaries is

huge in order to create a more balanced work/life ratio.

We live in a 24/7 world that makes it hard to unplug and unwind. Luckily, with a

few healthy habits, you can set yourself up for success and happiness each morning so

you’re ready for whatever the day brings.

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