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3 Major Challenges Working Women Face

The evolution of American women in the workforce plays an important role in the progression of American society.

Through the years, women have gone through a series of hardships and tests to prove their capability of being part of the American labor force. Unfortunately, these struggles are still a part of our modern day culture. Here are a few things everyone should know about women in the workplace…


The Gender Gap is real. As of 2018, the gender gap still sat at an average of 32%, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index report. Also, in one study, more than one-third of women believe their gender has held them back from a promotion, while only 8% of men say the same thing.

Gender Roles

As it turns out, working mothers pay financially and professionally. In the US, having a child could set a woman’s earnings back about 31%, according to this study. Between statistics like these and lack of affordable childcare, it’s no wonder many women make the choice to not return to the workforce.


A startling 54 percent of women report workplace harassment. Everything from unwanted sexual attention, sexual conduct, or sexist comments in the workplace made the list of complaints from women. Remember that lack of intent doesn’t matter when it comes to creating a hostile and uncomfortable work environment.

Though women have come a long way over the decades, there’s still major work to be done in our country to level the playing field. At Inner Peace, we’re here to support working women and mothers to help you find your Inner Peace through the struggles life throws your way.

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