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Different Types Of Intimacy And What They Mean For Your Relationship

Contrary to popular belief, intimacy is not strictly reserved for sex in a relationship.

It’s actually about the deeper level of privacy and affection between people. There are many ways

you can experience intimacy in your relationships. But, in order to do so, you first have to

understand the different types of intimacy and the essential role each one plays.

Physical Intimacy

Perhaps the most well known form of intimacy, physical intimacy in a trusting and loving relationship can help strengthen your bond. Love and affection are essential to our daily health. Just like water and food, we need and crave these feelings to help us feel secure. We have the capacity to get more affection in our lives; all we have to do is ask for it and receive it.

Emotional Intimacy

Being emotionally intimate means that you can speak freely about your innermost thoughts. Developing an emotional bond is a huge part of any successful relationship. You should make it a priority to stay engaged, compassionate, and sympathetic to your significant other. Therapy can help with emotional intimacy by offering non-judgmental third party advice.

Intellectual Intimacy

Everything from politics and religion to favorite books, vacation spots, and movies are part of intellectual connection. Just because two people don’t see eye-to-eye on every topic doesn’t mean they’ll make a bad couple. Intellectual intimacy is important because it helps you better understand the other person and their likes, dislikes, and beliefs.

Experimental Intimacy

This type of intimacy helps strengthen your relationship through connection. Of course, couples don’t have to do everything together, but it’s important to share experiences. Whether it’s a vacation, a bike ride, or just a walk around the block, sharing experiences together is the glue that connects a couple.

Above all, it’s important to remember that all forms of intimacy are about working and communicating together. Relationships are work. But, when communication and intimacy are

priorities, they can be an essential and rewarding part of life.

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