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New Opportunity To Become Your Best Self in Charlotte, NC

Join us for a new and exciting opportunity lead by Sherri Murchison-Green, LCSW. We'll focus on re-narrating negative, distorted patterns of thinking or beliefs, that have been barriers to healing and realizing our Best Selves. This group will make use of the power of words, honesty, and compassion as tools to move us towards our " Happier Ever After ". The group will incorporate journaling exercises, discussions, and other experiential activities in focusing on Self Reflection, Self Discovery, and Self Improvement.

You'll Learn...

- Healthier patterns of thinking

- What stops you from growing

- New strategies for growth

- Self-compassion skills

- Ways to become more authentic

Learn more about this event that starts on 2/26 HERE or Call Our Office 704-717-2800

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