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Now Enrolling- November 20th Art Workshop (In-Person & Virtual)

Join us in our upcoming workshop during the season of gratitude as we embrace the transformative power of positive thinking. During this workshop, we'll create cards on 4x6 index cards that will unlock creativity and spark positive, affirming thoughts to inspire you this holiday season. Each card will be decorated by with paint, paper, glue or etc. and you DON'T have to be an artist to join us!

We will allow 6 people to come into the office and an unlimited number of online participants. In-person participants will be required to wear a mask regardless of vaccination status. The workshop will be on Saturday, November 20, 2021 from 1-3pm. The in-person cost is $75 and the virtual cost is $55.

Those participating virtually will need to pick up the following supplies prior to the workshop. For those participating in-person, the supplies will be provided. 


paper (ex. cardstock, wrapping paper, pictures, any decorative paper, etc)



4x6 index cards (substitutes would be any hard paper or cardboard cut into 4x6 cards)




paint and paint brushes (water in cup for cleaning brushes)

old magazines 

Pay Below to reserve your spot

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