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The Mental Health Benefits of Creating Art

A lot of people are intimidated at the thought of creating art because they don't think they're any good at it. But, even if you can't draw or paint well, there are still things you can do to better your mental health through art.

For example, something as simple as coloring in a coloring book can stimulate your brain in a mentally calming way. That is to say, art offers some unique benefits, like allowing us to unleash our creativity and calm at the same time. Here are a few other ways art can improve your mental health and quality of life.

Art encourages self-expression

Whether through writing or doodling, the simple act of placing pencil to paper can allow you to express yourself in a very personal way. There are no rules when it comes to releasing your feelings, so allow yourself this time to think or flow freely.

The benefit of dedicating more time to self-expression is that it increases awareness of self. When you express yourself through art, you explore feelings that are otherwise hard to convey or understand. Emotions can be difficult to verbalize, even to yourself. Yet by exploring them through art, you explore and connect to your inner self. The better you know yourself, the easier it becomes to find inner balance, peace, and contentment.

Art stimulates the brain

There are very few things that stimulate your mind more than creating art. Even if the goal is not perfection (which it shouldn't be), art requires creativity, strategy, and attention to detail, all of which stimulate the brain in a mentally beneficial way.

Creating art changes how your brain works by creating new neural pathways to solve problems more effectively. In terms of mental health, this means preparing your brain to respond healthily and effectively to life's struggles and stressors. Over time, these mental processes can lead to overall improvements in your mood, mindset, and coping habits.

Art boosts self-esteem

You might be thinking, can a paint-by-numbers kit can make me feel better about myself? 

The answer is yes. Art isn't about chasing perfection or intricacy. Anyone can be an artist, and anyone can benefit mentally from any artistic activity.

For one, creating art produces feel-good hormones like dopamine. And the cherry on top of that is the sense of accomplishment you get when you finish a project. Artistic processes, no matter how complex or simple, instill greater drive, concentration, and confidence.

Art connects you with others

Finally, art is a great way to meet like-minded individuals interested in the same things as you or who create art for similar reasons. Instead of connecting through social platforms, taking a class or creating your own crafting group will help encourage face-to-face communication and build meaningful connections.

That said, art is also a great way to make meaningful connections and strengthen relationships through sharing. From pottery to poetry, remember that you can be creative without having your work framed in a museum. While art can be sold or shared publicly through exhibits, there’s no pressure to get there now – or ever. Even sharing your artwork with friends or family, few things feel as good as when others appreciate our efforts.

Feeling hesitant?

You can always start with a coloring book for adults that allows you to color in intricate patterns with ease. No artistic abilities necessary and no pressure to sit and stare at a blank page! The goal is about taking care of yourself and enjoying the process, not creating a Mona Lisa.

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