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3 Signs It Might Be Time to See a Therapist

The decision to seek advice from a therapist is not always a simple one. Sometimes symptoms are vague or happen over time. Other times, the stigma surrounding mental health gets in the way and can cloud your judgment.

Family and friends may notice changes and signs that you’re more stressed or agitated than usual. There are so many ways you can improve your health and happiness by seeing a therapist. Watch out for these common signs and don’t be afraid to reach out!

Are you spending more than one hour a day trying to cope or think about the issue?

Finances and work are two common examples of areas in life that cause excessive stress and worry. Therapy can help you work through the issues that have you losing sleep by providing the guidance and tools necessary to help you move forward.

Is something causing your quality of life to decrease?

Many times, this can happen over time and you might not even realize just how much negativity has affected you.

You might not enjoy the things that use to make you happy…

Your relationships start to suffer…

Your self-esteem diminishes…

Those burdened with depression and anxiety describe daily life as “just going through the motions”. Therapy can help you thrive instead of just survive!

Are your family and friends tired of listening?

This is a hard one, but it’s important! All relationships should have healthy boundaries and those around you might only be able to tolerate a certain amount of your problems or negativity. Don’t damage your fulfilling relationships by putting your stress and unhappiness on others!

Our professional team is here to work with you and walk through the struggles in life together. Our compassionate team at Inner Peace Counseling is dedicated to your renewed mental wellness.

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