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5 Brain Foods That Can Boost Your Mental Wellness

Mental Wellness has been in the spotlight since the beginning of the pandemic. So many

people continue to face challenges and all of the ongoing hardships are really starting to take a

toll on the way people feel. The isolation of being quarantined or opting to stay home out of

caution has made it a challenge to maintain overall wellness.

Your mental wellness can impact your life negatively or positively. The good news is you

can take positive steps forward to help improve your mood, and it starts with what you eat!

Here are brain foods that can help boost your mood and improve your mental wellness.


Bananas are a fruit bowl staple! This convenient snack works to boost serotonin levels.

Serotonin is known as the "feel-good" hormone that works as an instant mood booster that’s

perfect when you are on the go.


Berries are also fast-acting mood enhancers. A study in 2016 shows that blueberries, in

particular, can make you feel positive and energized in as little as two hours. Blueberries are a

super low-calorie snack but contain very high levels of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help lower

the level of free radicals in your body. High levels of free radicals in your body are harmful.


These nuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids and anti-oxidants. Omega-3 is a fatty acid the

body does not produce naturally but is essential to mental wellness. Omega-3 is a secret

weapon in the fight against Depression, Alzheimer's, and many other psychiatric disorders.


Whole grains are good carbs full of an amino acid called tryptophan. Tryptophan is

needed for your body to produce high levels of serotonin on its own. Steel-cut oatmeal is an

excellent source of this vital amino acid.


This delicious snack is essential to improving your gut health. Have you ever heard a bit

of bad news and felt it in the pit of your stomach? That is because a freeway of

neurotransmitters connects your gut and your brain. A probiotic bacteria called lactobacillus,

found in yogurt, directly impacts mental health.

The Gut-Brain Connection Is Important

The freeway between your gut and your brain is why what you eat can impact how you

feel. These foods may not necessarily be your first choice when you are not feeling your best,

but they can easily be added to some of your favorite foods as a topping!

If you must reach for the bucket of ice cream, try a smoothie packed with brain foods

instead. Most comfort foods people tend to gravitate towards may be harmful or have very little

to no impact on our overall mental wellness. Keep these five foods in mind next time you need a

"pick me up," your mind will thank you.

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