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5 Compliments You Can Give That Have Nothing to Do with Physical Appearance 

Sometimes words are heavy. Like the anchor of a ship, the more hurtful and unhelpful of these have

the power to keep us in place - to hold us back. And sometimes, words are the bow, shaping our

confidence and mindset in a way that makes it easier to propel ourselves forward.

The more we come to understand how the words we say can be grounding in more ways than one,

the easier it is to be mindful not only of our daily word choice but the compliments we choose to give

to one another.

You might even be in this boat right now, wondering when the last time was you gave someone a

compliment that had nothing to do with their physical appearance. And while you should never feel

bad about making someone feel good in any way, shape, or form, you may find yourself feeling sorry

for all the times you called them 'pretty' when what you wanted to say was thoughtful, courageous, or caring.

There may be someone in your life whose smile always lights up the room. It shifts how you feel

inside and has nothing to do with the shape of their lips or the whiteness of their teeth. Maybe it's time

to let them know how much you appreciate the things beneath their glistening smile - all the things

that make you want to do the same.

So if you're looking for inspiration on a compliment you can give someone that has nothing to do with

how they look - even if it makes their smile even brighter - here are five places you can start:

You are such a good listener. It's nice to have someone who genuinely cares, and I can tell
because you're attentive and never interrupt.

You always see the best in others, and your positivity inspires me. It's a quality that's harder to
find than you might think, and it's shaped me into a better person.

I appreciate your loyalty as a friend and how serious you are about spending time with me. I
know that even if you can't make it for the first date option I throw out, you'll follow up with two or
three more suggestions, and it makes me feel loved and appreciated.

You're doing a great job. I see how much is on your plate, and everything you balance far better
than you think you do. I know sometimes you get discouraged, but you should also be proud.

You're the most open-minded person I know. I love your diverse taste in music, art, food, fashion -
everything. I can tell it makes the people you're with feel encouraged and accepted - including me.

The thing about compliments is that they doesn't have to be anything planned unless you'd like for them

to be. So, whether you have that one person in mind or your compliment style is a bit more

spontaneous, remember these ideas. Keep them in your cargo hold, so to speak - and notice how it

keeps them afloat because the people that make you feel good deserve to feel good too.

Giving compliments that aren't about appearances can be more meaningful for both the person

receiving them and the person giving them, and that's the true beauty of a compliment!

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