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5 Gifts To Give That Support Mental Health

You’ve heard before that some of the best gifts in life are the ones that “keep on giving.” For many of us, this sentiment means we should give useful gifts, like ones that offer experiences. So we’ve shied away from gifting flower bouquets and moved to items like books, cameras, or music — all great, thoughtful gifts!

Still, what if there were gifts that could keep on giving even more? Not necessarily in the sense of more

experiences that invoke the same feelings each time, but gifts that can alter feelings. A gift that supports

mental health is truly a gift that keeps on giving because the essence of a mental health gift offers one valuable reminder to its receiver: keep on giving to yourself.

If you have a friend or family member who has had a rough year or who is struggling with stress, anxiety,

sadness, or depression, consider giving a gift to support them through it. Here are five great gift ideas for

supporting mental health:

A weighted blanket

Using a weighted blanket can feel like receiving the most grounding, calming hug. Sometimes referred to as gravity blankets, weighted blankets apply pressure to the body to help it relax. These blankets (which range in weight options) can comfort someone when they feel stressed or anxious. Some people even use them nightly, as they can positively impact restless or anxious sleepers.

An aromatic bath set

From bath bombs to salts, the wide range of healing and soothing products available today take

bubble baths to a whole new level. (Although, you can’t go wrong with plain old bubble bath, either).

If you build your own set, be intentional about the essential oils or scents you choose. For instance,

do you think your mom would benefit from the soothing effect of lavender Epsom salts, or has she

been in a slump — perhaps needing something more uplifting like sweet orange or spearmint?

Don’t stress over this. Remember, it’s the thought that counts — but if you’re feeling lost, consider an

essential oil sampler set. Most oils are safe to drop right into their bathwater, but this route would also

give them the option for use in an essential oil diffuser as well (hello, next gift idea!)

A mediation app subscription

Do you have a friend who has recently picked up meditation or expressed interest in trying?

Meditation apps like Calm, Headspace and Insight Timer offer a wealth of resources that can support

various mental health needs, along with self-growth, sleep, mindfulness — the list goes on.

Most of these apps offer the basics with free trials and unpaid accounts. Still, monthly or yearly

subscriptions give access to endless meditations, courses, workouts, calming and focus music, and

everything inspiring in between.

A guided journal

Journals of any kind make great gifts, but unless you know for sure that your loved one likes writing in

a blank one, a guided journal might be best. Head to a bookstore or search online for daily journals

with prompts for managing emotions like anxiety. Or consider a gratitude journal for sparking more joy

and contentment in your loved one’s life!

Trigger point therapy set

Give the gift of a massage ball or foam roller to someone who has been missing out. There are

several benefits to trigger point therapy tools, like inspiring self-care and slowing down. It’s not just a

great feeling to relieve the pain of a knotted muscle, but to also say, hey, I took time to listen to my

body, and I healed myself!

Like most of the gifts on this list, these tools are travel-friendly, so no matter where your loved one is,

their gift can keep on giving, and the benefits can keep on coming.

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