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5 Wellness Essentials To Add To Your Summer Self-Care Checklist

The warm summer days are here to stay in Charlotte! It’s officially that time of

year as another school year wraps up and we head into summer. Despite this pleasant

change in weather, many people experience mental health issues during the summer

months. Try incorporating these tips into your daily routine so you can soak up all that

the season has to offer.

Rethink Exercise

Change your mindset! Instead of thinking about exercise as clocking in and out of

the gym, find an activity you love! Get your endorphins flowing by going for a walk with a

friend. Take a swim in the lake or a light morning jog with your dog. Exercise can help

calm your mind and improve your mood. It doesn’t always have be a chore!

Make A Feel-Good Playlist

Music can move and motivate you. It’s an effortless way to boost your mood and

refocus. If music isn’t your thing, try downloading a positive audio book for your

commute to and from work. Whatever you decide, make sure it’s something that makes

you feel good!

Hit Up A Farmer’s Market

This is a 2 for 1 deal…you can support local vendors and incorporate fresh

produce into your diet. Try something new and make your diet a priority this summer.

Make Plans

Even if a vacation isn’t in the cards this summer, make the most of the season by

planning activities. Call an old friend to reconnect for a picnic. Invite family over for a

simple BBQ. Hit up Lake Norman for a swim. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy

the season.

Reflect, Pray, Meditate

Tap into your spiritual side to help practice mindfulness. Be present and enjoy the

moment at hand. Find some quiet time to reflect on your wants vs. needs to help

understand what’s really important in life.

Above all, remember that life is stressful but you can gain control! We’re here to

help you through.

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