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How To Breakthrough A Surface-Level Life

Have you ever thought about why lies below the surface of your life?

We’re talking about the deep and meaningful pieces that make you unique. The parts of

you that drive your purpose and spark your passion. As therapists, we’re blessed to be able to

get to know

our clients. We help them transform from surviving (surface level) to thriving

(revealing the unique layers).

Unfortunately, in the age of social media and online connection, it’s so easy for us all to

see what’s on the surface. There are so many falsehoods and misconceptions on social media

that make it easy to fall into the comparison trap.

If only I had that kind of car…

I wish I had her life….

I’d be happier if I lost 30lbs…

These are examples of surface-level comparisons people often draw from social media

but they serve no real purpose in living YOUR best life. Don’t let unfair companions hold you

back from thriving in life. If you feel like your living on the surface of your life just going through

the motions each day, here are a few ways you can dig deeper and live an enriched life.

Stop settling

You deserve more! Being clear, honest, and open about your feelings can add to your

happiness and fulfillment in life. Stay grounded in your beliefs and values…these are the

meaningful pieces that lay below the surface and matter the most!

Take action

We all complain- it’s human nature! One of the keys to a happier life is taking action and

moving forward. When you develop a negative mindset, you will be stuck that state which is no

way to live! Instead of creating an overwhelming goal, start by taking baby steps. Remember, a

small step forward can have a big impact on your overall health and happiness.

Cultivate your happiness

It’s true! You really can take charge and create happiness in your life. Start

by practicing gratitude and mindfulness. Even on the worst day, you’ll realize there’s always

something to be thankful for. When you decide that you are in control of your happiness, you

create positive change in if your life.

Our compassionate team is here to work with you to help identify the things that are

holding you back from living your best life now. We can walk with you through seasons of

change in your life and create a comprehensive wellness plan to meet your needs. Life is too

short to put off the happiness you deserve NOW … give our team a call today

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