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How To Escape Information Overload

In this day and age, we have endless access to almost all the information we could possibly need. It's great for learning and convenience, but information overload can have serious consequences for our mental and physical health.

With the great pandemic of COVID-19 and the economic uncertainty, experts predict our next challenge will be trying to flatten the mental health curve. Depression and anxiety are sky-rocketing threats on the horizon...

So what can you do?

Disconnect From Your Electronics

Spending time away from screens can help give your mind the break it needs! Turn off notifications and close all your tabs. Notifications can interrupt your chain of thought or interfere in activities and productivity throughout the day. Turning off your notifications allows you to focus on what is present and concentrate on what is relevant to you in the here and now. Don't let a tiny beep demand your focus!

Create A Schedule

Schedule a time of day to allow yourself to scroll, read, and process the news. This allows you to purposefully consume information at a strategic time so it doesn't derail your entire day. Use this time to read major headlines, watch relevant videos, and allow yourself time to respond mentally and emotionally to any new information that you’ve read or seen.

Schedules create balance and structure. Regulating your news intake and setting healthy boundaries can also limit the power and mental energy the news has on your daily life.

Stop the Mindless Scroll Social Media

Mindless scrolling can be fun, distracting, frustrating, and consuming...there are many pros and cons. On the plus side, it can help you keep in contact with your friends and family. On the negative side,

social media can take up valuable time and damage your mental health by falling into comparison traps. Also, as political debates heat up, social media can be very divisive to the point that it ruins your relationships.

Don't be afraid to step away. Take a break. Detox from social media. Focus on changing your habits so, instead of using social media when you are bored, you learn to use the platforms as valuable tools for connection.

Above all, don't be afraid to reach out for support. We can all move forward in good health and optimism but we can't do it alone. We're here to walk with you!

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