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New Course Opportunity: Art Therapy

Art therapy is a well-known and effective form of mindfulness therapy that ignites creativity to improve your mental and emotional wellness. This upcoming class is a way for you to develop self-awareness and self-compassion, explore emotions, reduce anxiety, gain confidence, improve self-esteem, and a lot more!  

Please know that you don't have to be an artist-it's not about that it's more about the process of creating, rather than the final product.  But we are sure you'll be surprised at what you end up with!


The workshop will include three weekly sessions in July from the comfort of your home (ZOOM) which are set for:

Tuesday, July 13th

Tuesday, July 20th

Tuesday, July 27th

The cost will be $120 for the 3 sessions.  When you think about it, you'll be getting 3 "therapy" sessions for the price of one and the materials which are a $30 value. Enroll Today!

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