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Self Reflection: Spring Edition

Picture yourself immersed in the beauty of Spring.

The warm sunshine beats down from above. The birds sing sweet melodies as a refreshing breeze rolls through. Fresh flowers are in bloom all around. If you’re practicing mindfulness, then you’ll certainly appreciate all of this new life around you.

Spring is an inspiring season for many reasons. The gloomy days of winter are replaced with greenery and bloom. Spring is a great time to start your new journey…to growth and to peace just as in nature. Let the beauty of the season inspire you to be better by reflecting up the deeper meaning of Spring in your life.


We associate sunshine with warmth and light, two of life’s essentials for survival. But, the sun has an even

deeper meaning. If you think about it, the sun always brings light and sight. It reveals elements that the darkness covers. Whatever was lurking in the dark shadows of night become clear in sunlight.

Personal Reflection: Take a moment to think about what you are hiding in the darkness. It could be the way you feel about someone, or even a personal goal you sweeping under the rug. What obstacle do you need to shine light on in life?


If you’ve been following Inner Peace, then you know we love and appreciate the lotus flower. It blooms from muddy and murky waters bringing beauty and life in unexpected ways. The locus flower blooms far away from the sun in treacherous conditions much like the challenges we face in life. The locus is symbolic of rejuvenation and building resilience. It reminds us that we all of the seed of potential within.

Personal Reflection: What challenges did you face this winter? How did you overcome them? What have you learned from your experiences? This type of reflection can help you build resilience and strength.


Spring is also the time of year when we start thinking about vacation. Weather spring break or Fourth of July, many people take beach vacations during these seasons to recharge. There’s something about the beach that draws us in to relax. The ocean comes and goes with the tide. It runs on a cycle of highs and lows. It has calm and relaxing days and stormy days filled with fury and destruction. Though the ocean has many imperfections, we can still find the beauty in it year after year.

Personal Reflection: What can you let go of that was part of your low tide? Move forward into the new season with peace. Your high tide will come but remember that life is full of ups and downs. Don't worry about how many times you fall, just keep getting back up!

Self-reflection is a great way to welcome Inner Peace. We can help you get started on a new season in your life. Schedule Appointment

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