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What Everyone Should Know About The Mind-Body Connection

Have you ever twisted your ankle…

burnt your finger on a hot pan?…

or had someone accidentally step on your toe?

Any of these actions can result in physical pain of some sort. For these, we respond quickly to this type

of pain by putting it on ice or walking it off until it feels better. We’re very reactive when it comes

to physical pain in life, but, unfortunately, it’s not always the same when it comes to emotional


How Emotional Distress Can Affect Health

As humans, we thrive on both physical and emotional energy in life. We find joy and

happiness in our healthy relationships and our spirituality. We also pick up energy on a daily

basis from love, affection, exercise, and playfulness. This type of positive energy makes us feel


On the other hand, negative emotional energy can be unpleasant. Emotional pain can

leave you feeling irritated, sad, and overwhelmed. It can also cause you to regress or fall back

on bad habits to help you cope. When untreated, emotional pain can take a toll on both your

physical and mental health.

The Mind-Body Connection

Science tells us that what your mind can’t handle, your body will take on. The mind-body

connection is a powerful thing. This is why it’s essential to address your unpleasant emotional

pain so it doesn’t destroy both your mental and physical health. These emotions can trigger

other physical illnesses and cause conditions like arthritis, health problem exacerbated by

emotional distress.

Someone who is considered to be “high-functioning” might develop maladaptive traits

like alcohol use, anger issues, irresponsibility, sadness, and hopelessness. People might not

even realize that they’ve adapted to these traits and accepted them as part of life.

The good news is most people can move through this type of pain and get into a better

space emotionally. Therapy can help you find new, healthy ways to cope that will pave the path

to optimal health and inner peace.

We’re here to walk with you on your journey to inner peace. Give our office a call today

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