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5 Things To Leave Behind In 2023

From toxic relationships to toxic habits, everyone has at least one thing in their life that no longer serves them. So as we start to ease into the new year, it's a great time to contemplate what you can leave behind to create space for something better.

The following practical ideas and tips for navigating this transition will help you enter 2023 with energy and resilience – ready to embrace the possibilities ahead!


While it's unrealistic to be happy and optimistic all the time, letting go of negative thoughts in 2023 can transform your life. It's easy to get lost in a deflated mental state by ruminating on negative things happening around or within our lives.

Negativity has a way of latching onto itself and leading you further down a spiral of pessimism. However, this is the perfect opportunity to try reframing your perspective.

Understandably, this change can take some time and requires effort – but if you're committed to it, you will benefit for as long as you choose to remember to try!


Too often, we focus on trying to hit that seemingly unattainable standard of 'perfect' and end up not hitting any bar at all. The truth is that perfectionism is often a barrier that stops us from enjoying life and taking those crucial steps toward achieving our goals.

By striving for quality instead - where the emphasis is on steady progress rather than chasing absolute perfection - we permit ourselves to learn from our mistakes and ultimately see better results over time.

Moving forward into this new year with this attitude of quality versus perfection will undoubtedly open many opportunities for growth and success.

Toxic Relationships

The people we surround ourselves with influence our thoughts, actions, and well-being in many ways. So take an honest look at your relationships and decide who lifts you up and who feels like more like an anchor pulling you down.

Be willing to accept that some people are not determined to change anytime soon – no matter how much energy or patience you try and dedicate to them. Now is the perfect time to prove that you have the strength to extract yourself from these relationships that do not contribute positively to your life.

We must recognize our value and set boundaries so that in 2023 we can focus our energy on building beneficial, meaningful connections that propel us forward rather than hold us back.

Bad Habits

All of us have habits we'd like to leave behind in 2023. Rather than try to ignore them, why not plan to chip away at these bad habits?

Begin by understanding your current patterns and then explore ways to change them in meaningful and lasting ways; this might involve keeping a journal, setting reminders on your phone, or talking to professional counselors for support.

It can also be helpful when trying to eliminate less healthy habits to find strategies for improving them – for example, if you tend to hit social media first thing in the morning, set a timer and allow yourself two minutes of scrolling before getting started on your day. This way, you can satisfy the urge and remain productive and on track with your goals.

Making little sustainable changes rather than sweeping New Year's resolutions can really add up in the long run: you'll be surprised how different the end of 2023 feels when you let go of those bad habits!


Taking on the task of diagnosing challenges within oneself is an increasingly common phenomenon, with handy online symptom checkers, medical websites, and videos readily accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

But often, these resources lack key information or get it wrong, leading to unnecessary stress and delayed treatment. When it comes to mental health, the best thing to do is seek professional help to ensure you stay headed in the right direction this year.

Taking the time to talk to professionals in mental health will ensure that you get the appropriate resources and treatments needed for a healthier, happier lifestyle. Don't let self-diagnosis stand in the way this year - reach out for help today at Inner Peace Counseling Services!

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