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Following Your Breadcrumbs: How to Learn from The Past

Each of us trails breadcrumbs behind us as we move forward in life. As time goes by, they forge a trail for us to look back on. Our breadcrumb trail is there to ensure we never lose our way.

In other words, looking back on your past is vital to moving forward. Still, there is a difference between creating a path by learning from the one behind us and allowing our past to build one for us.

Uncovering your breadcrumbs means finding awareness and acceptance of everything you've done to arrive where you are. From there, your past will help you determine not only where you want to go but


Yet, learning from the past isn't always easy. It's only once we accept all the breadcrumbs we've

trailed behind us - the mistakes and painful memories as equally as the joy - that we can finally use

them to guide our way.

Build resilience.

People say that what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. So, thinking back on any traumatic,

stressful, or challenging situation or time in your life, what about that made you stronger? Was it the

experience itself, or how you grew from it?

Adverse moments are when we as humans are most ripe for growth. Anyone can experience

adversity. Yet only those who put forth the time and intentionality to reflect and grow find

empowerment in their difficulties. And the same goes for finding lessons in our mistakes.

This is what's known as resilience, and the path to building it can be emotionally distressing, but,

ultimately, it's liberating. Resilience sets the foundation for a more confident journey ahead.

Don't suppress your past.

Your past is important, don't suppress it - embrace it! You can think of your breadcrumb trail as your past-present-future line or thread that leads you directly to your bliss. The place where you feel contentment and peace regardless of the external circumstances that surround you.

To find your unique personal "bliss", you need to learn about yourself - who you are, how you work

best, and what motivates you. To do this, you must tap into your inner being and learn what excites

you the most to keep moving forward.

You have breadcrumbs scattered throughout your life. Follow them, and you'll find that you can be

fully present in each moment while learning from the past. Be in the moment, then reflect on each

experience that comes your way.

The purpose of this practice is not just to focus on the negatives to avoid making the same mistakes.

Reflecting on the positives moments and wins will help you reap greater rewards. In other words,

resilience is the powerful voice reminding you that you can move forward, while past lessons teach

you how to optimize each step you take.

Use your past to manifest your future.

When you are in alignment with where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go, you'll be

able to make choices with greater ease. You will attract the right people, energy, and situations

because your breadcrumbs allow you to make authentic choices that align with who you are.

No matter where you end up or hope to go, your breadcrumbs are proof that your past never changes.

Should you ever find yourself lost and in need of some direction, follow your breadcrumbs to find your

way back home to your inner self.


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