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Taking The Leap In Life

Life is nothing more than a series of choices, some bigger and more significant than others. Whether it's quitting your job to start a new business or planning for a family, why is it so hard to feel fully ready to take a leap in life?

For many of us, throwing ourselves into the unknown is scary. We take comfort in what we know. In some

cases, we are afraid to take the chance on something better because we don't want to lose the good things we have going now. So, when it comes to taking the leap in life, we have to decide if it is worth it.

The choice to break down the walls of your comfort zone is not one you must resolve in your mind. There are practical ways to approach big decisions and help you make that first leap, and here are some steps:

Make a plan!

Get out of your head and make a plan. A leap can feel terrifying because it means moving much farther away from where you are. We hesitate to take leaps because leaps span a greater distance than a step - so plan the steps. Change leaves room for things to go in ways other than what we expect, which is scary. So, as you make a plan, be mindful that having a plan is different from having expectations. The best thing you can do for yourself when taking a leap is to surrender your expectations. And doing this before you take the leap will make you less afraid to take it.

Look at the facts

If taking a leap in life means leaping into the unknown, then you might be wondering, what are the facts?

You never know exactly how something will play out, but you can play out possible scenarios. The most helpful thing you can do is evaluate the worst-case scenario; you will likely come to find that it's not that bad!

The facts in these big leap situations are more in the realm of how you will respond to whatever happens.

Knowing the facts means knowing that no matter how things go, taking a leap in life is always rewarding in

some way. It means knowing that you will evolve and learn and reminding yourself that you will be okay.

Acknowledge your "why"

What's the reason or reasons behind why you want to make this change in life? Allow those reasons to motivate you and see you through. The best decisions we can make in life are fueled by passion, purpose, and positivity rather than fear. This isn't to say you shouldn't allow yourself to feel afraid if you are. But try to remind yourself that fears are merely emotional responses to a real or perceived threat.

Take some time to rewire your mindset and remember that your opportunities and choices are not threats.

Having a big enough "why" that's filled with purpose will help you see past your fears and through to how

rewarding it will be when you finally take that leap.


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